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10 Plot Twists That Change How You See Video Games

We all love a plot twist, don't we? If well-executed, a shock reveal or unexpected narrative shift can turn a straightforward story into a mind-bending masterpiece.

Some of the greatest tales of all time are fondly remembered precisely because their twists are so mind-blowing, they leave you a changed person afterwards, and these examples do exactly that.

But what separates a video game plot twist from twists in non-interactive media (such as film and literature) is that games inherently involve the player in a way that passive viewing doesn't. Smart game writers know this, and can directly incorporate the player's expectations into their plot twists, allowing them to manipulate you in any number of surprising ways.

The greatest twists play with the player. They shatter convention and transcend the boundaries of the story they are part of, often creating complex meta-fiction. They cause you to reel in astonishment, question your perception and re-evaluate not just the game you're playing, but the medium of games as a whole.

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