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10 Most Depressing Things About The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part II is, it’s safe to say, the most divisive game of 2020.

Some fans praised the interesting direction it decided to take the story, with dual protagonists from opposing sides, whereas others (in a small minority) decided to attack the creators for ruining something they held so dear.

The main criticism the fans highlighted was that the game was so overwhelmingly depressing. Which, let’s face it, is to be expected for a post-apocalyptic zombie game. However, in our dark year of 2020 that has seen our population battling isolation and depression like never before, this tone didn’t sit well.

It feels as though around every corner of the game, there is another device designed to get the player down: well-loved characters making detrimental, dangerous life decisions; a smorgasbord of tragic deaths; the consistently bleak Seattle weather.

It was exactly what we didn’t need.

So, whether you love it, hate it, or are still undecided, read on to come face to face with the bleakest parts of the game. Hopefully, we can come to terms with them, and leave them behind in the year 2020 where they belong…


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