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10 Best Gaming Remakes Of This Console Generation

As we stand on the cusp of the next generation of consoles, looking back over the past seven years has made one thing readily apparent: Developers have become very, very good at transmuting video games' past into modern day gold. While there has been the occasional disappointment (RE3Make) and the occasional dumpster fire (MediEvil), by and large the gaming industry has become extremely proficient at updating vintage games for the modern age.

While there's definitely a discussion to be had on whether the industry's increasing reliance on mining inspiration from its past is a good or bad thing, this article will be a celebration of the times this generation turned past masters into modern classics. From old mascots being granted a new lease of life to fading franchises being gloriously redeemed, the eighth console generation has been a treasure trove of nostalgia for older gamers. It's also allowed our younger counterparts to understand why these games are so revered by removing the inconveniences that come with age (terrible voice acting, excruciating load times and polygons so sharp they qualify as lethal weapons).

So before we dive back into the past once more with the upcoming Demon's Souls Remake, let's tip our hats one last time to the remakes that allowed us to party like it was 1999 all over again.

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