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The New Mutants Review: 3 Ups & 7 Downs


It might be tough to believe, but Fox's long-gestating superhero project The New Mutants has finally hit cinemas in many quarters of the world, no matter that the majority of cinemagoers are still staying well away from multiplexes.

Intended to spin-off its own sub-franchise within Fox's X-Men series, The New Mutants began filming all the way back in July 2017, and has had its release stalled by both the necessity for re-shoots which never happened, and Disney's acquisition of Fox last year.

This film isn't much more than a contractual obligation for Disney, a movie which has been dumped in cinemas at a time where it can tank with the perfect excuse for doing so.

And so, to the surprise of few, The New Mutants isn't some scrappy cult gem of a superhero film that's been unjustly shelved by the big, bad studio.

It's an aggressively mediocre effort which clearly needed to be whipped into shape by those aforementioned reshoots, and yet which is destined to be forgotten by year's end.

For fans who have been waiting literally years for this thing to come out, its release will at least provide some much-needed closure, but a good film this isn't...

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