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Ranking The A Nightmare On Elm Street Films From Worst To Best

Of all the slasher movie sagas that rose to prominence in the wake of Halloween's success, none can claim to be as mind-bendingly creative, or downright interesting as the Nightmare on Elm Street series.

Despite being a late arrival in the eighties slasher boom, the Nightmare on Elm Street series immediately hooked in viewers by adding a much-needed edge and supernatural twist to what was already becoming a stale formula. Instead of having to fear remote locations and darkened alleyways, horror fans the world over had a new thing to be afraid of - their dreams.

As the land of nod soon became home to Freddy Kruger, the wise-cracking, Fedora-wearing burn victim that wanted nothing more than to butcher the children of those responsible for his fiery death. Freddy became popular in an instant, and just like all the other slasher monsters he faced off with at the box-office, he quickly racked up a bunch of sequels.

Some entries in the series are bonafide classics, with some of the biggest and most passionate cult followings around, whilst others have been resigned to the bargain bin of history where they rightfully belong.

So with that said and done, let's dive on in.

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