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Ranking Every Terminator Model By Deadliest

In 1984, James Cameron introduced the world to The Terminator, and cyborg time travel movies haven’t been the same since. Cameron’s film helped push Arnold Schwarzenegger to levels of superstardom that helped him one day become the Governor of California… Well, the “Governator,” as his fans liked calling him.

He returned alongside Linda Hamilton for the sequel, and Terminator 2: Judgement Day went on to be one of the most successful films of all time. That film introduced the concept of a different kind of Terminator, and from that point forward, each successive film would up the game by coming up with deadlier versions of the killbots.

While that was happening in the movies, the comics and video games introduced even more versions of the Terminator, which begs the question, which model is the deadliest? There are far more types of Terminators than most casual fans know, leaving some deadlier cyborgs to the more dedicated fanbase.

Which one managed to kill more humans, and which is potentially deadlier than any of the models that came before it? This article aims to answer those questions by identifying the ten deadliest Terminator models, ranked from weakest to most devastatingly destructive.

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