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Justice League: 10 New Scenes Zack Snyder's Upcoming Reshoots Could Add

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Zack Snyder is planning to bring together Justice League cast members like Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Ray Fisher for reshoots. Despite it initially being reported that the only work that would be done on "The Snyder Cut" would be in post-production, the budget has now increased to $70 million to accommodate a week of additional photography.

Now, the director's cut of Justice League has gone from being a finished version of the movie Snyder originally delivered to Warner Bros. to a whole new beast (which might explain why it's being presented as a four-part limited series).

That's generated an awful lot of discussion online, with some film fans wondering whether it's really worth spending all that money on a project which has already been released in theaters, albeit in a very different way. However, arguably more interesting that the moral implications of "The Snyder Cut" is what these newly filmed scenes could entail.

It's clear that Snyder has big plans for his version of Justice League, and with no sequel on the horizon, he could be using this HBO Max release to tell a shortened version of the story he always had in mind for the DC Extended Universe. That's undeniably exciting, and these scenes would be epic to see...

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