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8 Times Movie Studios Went Too Far

For as long as there have been movies, there have been movie studios pulling the string behind the scenes.

The movie studio is what finances these pictures, what assembles these offerings, and ultimately has a major hand in how these films are released out into the world. Given the oft-erratic, all-consuming nature of the entertainment industry, a movie studio can often find itself looking at numerous ways to do what is, first and foremost, best for itself.

In the quest to maximise returns and to get the furthest reach possible, so many studios have maybe tried to push the envelope a little too much. Whether that's in how these studios have handled their talents, how they've approached their marketing stylings, or in what absolutely ludicrous demands they've put on the people employed by them - there are some true horror stories when it comes to just how far a movie studio will go in its mission to achieve success.

With that in mind, then, here are eight such times when a movie studio or production company overstepped the line and completely and utterly went way, way too far.

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