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7 Ways Actors Served Up Brutal Revenge

Not necessarily served cold, per se, but the entertainment industry is one so often brimming with acts of revenge. Some of these acts will be extremely petty and needless, while others will very much be worth the time and effort that go into getting some genuine payback on someone who's acted like quite the a**hole.

Given some of the huge egos that so often come with the territory of being involved in film or TV, it's no surprise to hear how some people can't help but act like complete pricks on a daily basis. But while the star power and status of some mean that their prima donna behaviour, horrendous attitude, and general annoyance will be tolerated by a project's cast and crew, there are still those times when somebody a) doesn't have the name value to get away with such behaviour, or b) continues to push and push and push, until those around them snap.

In those times when someone's influence on set becomes too much, that's when we've heard tales of some glorious, fully deserved revenge being served up by a problem child's co-stars. And here, there are seven such examples of when actors hit their colleagues with a brutal dose of well-earned revenge.

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