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15 Action Films From The 1980s You Must Watch

The 1980s had some of the best films of all time, with timeless classics like Star Wars and Indian Jones. But if it was just pure action you were after, then they also had you covered. Super muscular men with an unholy amount of firepower blowing everything into smithereens was a winning formula of the time, and it was easy to see why.

Sure, some of the storylines were a little strange. Hell, some of them were downright ludicrous.

But you were not there for the story. You were there for the incredible practical effects, the insane stunts and fight scenes, the slow motion camera shots and the bad guys getting their just desserts while the protagonist lets out a witty one-liner. But with some of these films now being over a few decades old, it is possible that there are some people out there who have never seen some of them.

So if you happen to have your own backlog of films you have yet to watch - and you're in the mood for the action genre - get ready to add a few more to the list.

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