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10 Secrets From The Set Of John Carpenter's Halloween 1978

Halloween remains one of the most successful, long-running horror franchises in Hollywood. Beginning in 1978, Michael Myers has managed to scare the pants off of movie-goers for more than forty years, with sequels and remakes galore.

It's also one of the most documented films in history, with almost every moment of production covered in various interviews. In fact, there's so much out there, lists of information from behind the scenes could be as long as the franchise itself, and would still only scratch the surface of the Myers/Strode family feud.

There are now eleven films in the series - along with several others that vanished into production hell - but the OG movie has a special place in the hearts of countless horror fans. There are simply so many iconic and disturbing scenes that Halloween 1978 will forever be a truly unforgettable experience.

Listed here are some of the tidbits that are often overlooked when discussing the making of the film, despite the many, many, MANY discussions this film inspires!

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