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10 Movies Directors Didn't Want You To Understand

By conventional filmmaking standards, the most basic requirement of a movie is that it makes sense, right?

Most people don't watch films to be confused and left scratching their heads - rather, they want to be thrilled, amused, and emotionally moved.

But sometimes, directors get the urge to push back against complacent audiences and offer up a provocation, whether for better or worse.

These 10 films have all been dubbed confusing - if we're being kind - by a large swath of audiences and critics alike, that they eschewed conventional narrative logic in favour of a more ambiguous, even surreal sense of meaning.

In some cases, these films are largely respected and held up by critics as successful subversions of conventional narrative filmmaking, while in others they were torn asunder for making a "pretentious" attempt to talk down to viewers.

Whatever the end result, these films didn't make many concessions for those paying money to watch them, hoping instead that audiences would relish having their filmgoing mettle tested with a workout for the brain..

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