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10 Most Anxiety-Inducing Horror Movies EVER

There's nothing quite like a good horror movie to put an audience on edge.

When it comes to movies made for unsettling audiences, the horror genre is beyond compare. The genre thrives on inducing cold sweats and leaving viewers terrified, and it reigns supreme as the most intensely anxiety inducing genre as a result.

From the earliest silent film horrors, through the slasher boom and video nasty generation, straight through to more recent trends like found footage and so-called "elevated horror", the motive of horror directors has always remained the same. The goal is to get the audience scared, anxious, unsettled, caught off guard and peering over their shoulder on the walk home.

With that in mind, this list has been compiled from the horror movies that are guaranteed to get your heart hammering, pulse racing, and sweat glands working overtime. Some are predictable classics which it would be dishonest to leave out, many more are more obscure and all the more unnerving as a result, but every film on this list is guaranteed to leave viewers shook...

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