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10 Mind Blowing Facts You Never Knew About The Lord Of The Rings

If there is anything that can be considered the holy bible of nerd culture, it would have to be The Lord Of The Rings. The impact that this book series, and the films that were adapted from it, have had on their respective mediums, as well as the fantasy genre as a whole, is impossible to articulate without writing a completely different article than the one we're doing today.

But of course, something so monumental would have some interesting stories behind it. Whether it be fun facts about the novels, or humorous anecdotes about the making of the movies, the Lord Of The Rings franchise has a ton of fun Easter eggs littered throughout its history.

After all, the films were quite the experiment when they came out, and there are a lot more novels in the Tolkien-verse than just LOTR and The Hobbit that contain fun facts that reshape everything you thought you knew about the world. And these ten entries are the most interesting of all of them.

Whether from the books or movies, these are the facts about Lord Of The Rings that will definitely blow your mind.

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