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10 HATED Actors Everyone Was Wrong About

For actors, winning over fans and audiences is just as important as winning over a casting director in an audition. Perhaps even more important. All the talent in the world won't sell tickets if an actor can't charm the paying masses.

With the hundreds, if not thousands of mainstream movie actors working today, there's a very broad spectrum of public opinion about them. On the one end, you have the Mel Gibsons of Hollywood; so disliked (for good reason) they poison every project they come near. And on the other end you have Tom Hanks, a man so adored by audiences, even he acknowledges he can't play villains in a movie.

Sometimes audience's attitude towards actors change though. Ones we once regarded as good can fall out of favour and become disliked due to their acting ability plummeting, their cynical approach to movies, or their off-screen public personas coming off as tasteless

On the other hand, ators who are typecast, mocked and despised by their audience slowly win everyone over by evolving with the times, coming off as approachable in interviews, or just generally letting the bad times wash over them. Here are ten movie stars we used to think were bad, but now can't help but say good things about.

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