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10 Greatest Captain America Moments In The MCU

Throughout the MCU, Captain America has always been there as the voice of reason. Even when everything on screen is at its most grim, you can't count on things turning out alright as long as we have our star-spangled boy in tights on the screen.

For as fun as it is watching Cap wailing on Nazis, aliens, and everything in between, there are a lot of moments that can get a lot more serious for the Patriotic Avenger.

Out of all the standalone Marvel franchises, Cap's entries have always had the most heart, with every film centered around the desire to stand up against those who want to oppress the little guy. Aside from his own films, his proper outings in Avengers films also give us a glimpse into how Cap works when playing off of his team, which sees him taking on the role as leader, motivator, and occasional grandpa if the audience needs a laugh.

He may have a lot of different faces throughout his tenure, but every one of these moments are just more reasons why we loved seeing Cap whenever he was onscreen. Here are just a handful of moments that show Cap at his emotional, badass, and emotionally badass.

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