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10 Funniest Characters In Sci-Fi Movie History

Whether it's about time travel, aliens or a galaxy far far away, science fiction movies have a way of blowing our tiny humanoid minds. The premises alone stay with you long after you have walked out of the cinema doors as you ask yourself questions like: what will the world look like in 100 years? What would happen if I went back in time and invented rock n roll? And is it possible to blow up alien brains with nothing more than a stereo and an album by Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy (more on this later).

But, if we're honest, it's not just the ideas in sci-fi movies that get us talking, it's the characters within the stories that live long in the memory. Sure, most sci-fi characters are painfully similar and could easily be copy and pasted from one film to the next, but what about the protagonists and antagonists who bring more than just a blaster and a handful of one-liners?

What about the characters that make us laugh, smile and giggle whilst travelling at warp 10 through a magnetic asteroid field? Those are the true heroes of the sci-fi genre...

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