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10 Exact Moments Fans Turned On HYPED Movies

Is there anything worse than the crushing realisation, mid-way through an otherwise-passable blockbuster, that the film isn't going to do justice to its franchise?

It can come in many forms, from cringeworthy attempts at comic relief, to a dark and self-serious moment which ends up laughably gloomy, to a misjudged change in canon that no one asked for.

But in everything from the Star Wars saga to the MCU, fans can often pinpoint the exact moment that a movie lost them. It's a tragic (if, unfortunately, often pretty unintentionally funny) phenomenon.

From unexpected and unnecessary sex scenes, to glaringly out of character behaviour, to some ill-judged sudden deaths for the sake of shock value, this list is here to count down the exact moments when fans en masse knew a movie wasn't going to meet their high expectations.

Blame the marketing team for overhyping these long-awaited instalments, blame their predecessors for setting the bar too high, or (heaven forbid) blame the people who actually made the embarrassing scenes in question. Whatever your approach, this list is here to run down the worst "there goes the franchise" scenes of all time.

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