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10 Best Sci-Fi Movie Villains

All great heroes need a great villain to face up against, and that is no different in the realms of science fiction.

Throughout space and time there have been all manner of miscreant, meddler and murderer and they have helped build up a backlog of some of the greatest villains in cinema history. Evil-doers who have travelled the universe to set themselves up as the perfect foil for our heroes.

A great villain can elevate any story to new heights and, in science fiction, cinema-goers have been treated to some of the creme-de-la-creme of snarling nemesis' for our heroes.

From Star Wars to Star Trek and everything in between we have been treated to all manner of iconic antagonist through the years. From scheming space-beings to ruthless robots, sci-fi has the platform and scope to serve up an incredible variety of villains and has often successfully done so.

Whether it is their impact on the narrative, their iconic appearances or their captivating motives, there is so much that can impact how a villain can affect and warp our views on a movie. Here are some such famous nemesis' that managed to change the landscape of sci-fi filmography.

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