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10 Actors Whose Career Has BOMBED After Their Biggest Hit

Hollywood is an incredibly unpredictable beast at the best of times, and no matter how talented an actor might be, that's no guarantee of success.

Though it's expected that an actor's profile will snowball after appearing in a massive hit movie, in turn allowing them to get cast in a slew of tentpole and prestige films, that's sadly not always the case.

Ironically, these 10 actors all suffered through major setbacks after appearing in the biggest, most successful, and most iconic films of their careers up to that point.

While some of them were lucky enough to rebound eventually - whether in the world of film or TV - most are still feeling the effects of a career that failed to take flight in the wake of a major hit.

From actors who clearly took bad advice from their agents, to those who earned reputations for being difficult to work with, and those who were simply unlucky, these 10 performers all struggled to gain upward momentum after appearing in their biggest movie to date...

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