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10 Actors Who Could Play The Mad Hatter In Matt Reeves' The Batman

The Batman trailer debuted at DC Fandome and looks very compelling, as its dark Noir-esque tone suggest the film is going in an exciting new direction with the character. Although the realistic dark Batman isn't new to audiences, the decisions made appear to be unique in approach, and it's safe to say that the final product may very well be something special.

Matt Reeves has made it clear before that he's very interested in bringing the character of The Mad Hatter (Jervis Tetch) into his rogues' gallery. Although no sign of him has appeared so far, it seems that should any more of these Reeves led movies appear, then Jervis will too. In that case, it's an excellent time to begin speculating as to who could hold the mantle of The Mad Hatter.

Reeves has said that he would want to cast an older actor in the role, and this shall be taken into account with these choices.

Also, a precursor, the character of Gil Colson being played by Peter Sarsgaard is speculated to be a twist villain reveal. The consensus is that this will be an iteration of Two-Face, but there is still a chance that this character could be Jervis Tetch, seeing as Peter would be a great choice for the role - so consider him an honourable mention.

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