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What Professor X Thinks About Every Major X-Men Member

Gathering an eclectic bunch of mutant kids and teens to create a team of heroes is not the most orthodox strategy - but by god if it isn't one that has proved effective. Over the years, countless individuals have flocked the join the X-Men either in the hopes of becoming a hero, or understand themselves and their powers more concretely - or sometimes even both.

That said, some powers are more inherently useful than others - and similarly, some people are better at utilising their abilities. While folks like Skin and Beak still deserve all the same training and support as Cyclops and Jean Grey, there's a decided difference in who is most likely to be called when the world is at risk.

This can even be said of the main roster of X-Men, who despite their years of training can still often make choices that ultimately fall flat, if not actively danger half the team.

In an era where Goldballs has proved to be a key and invaluable member of the team, it's worth looking at the major X-Men from an experts perspective - and who is more expert than the man who basically raised most of them?

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