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How Batman Would Defeat Each Member Of The Justice League

When you think of a hero most likely to have countless shady plans to defeat every other hero around, it's likely that the first (and possibly only) face that pops into mind: Batman.

Few heroes have been shown on the printed page beating up (or otherwise planning to beat up) their allies and friends as the Dark Knight, and we've seen many times over the course of history that our boy Bruce has a plan to kill, maim, or generally defeat every single person he's ever encountered in his life.

And that doesn't exclude allies, either - in fact, the closer you are to the Caped Wonder, the more likely it is that somewhere in the Batcave there's a pendrive showing all the ways in which you are most easily beat up.

While this often gets him knocked off people's birthday invitation list, it's undeniably a fascinating aspect of the hero - half because it's interesting to see all his various clever schemes, and half because it highlights just how close to being a villain Batman is willing to go to make sure he can always save the day.

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