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15 DEADLIEST Comic Book Assassins

The biggest criminals or terrorist organisations have armies of soldiers and supervillains at their beck and call. If Spider-Man is nosing around the Kingpin's property, he'll send a couple of goons to eliminate him. When Hydra realises Captain America has infiltrated their base, they'll order their henchmen to wipe him out.

And if that fails, you can always hire a professional assassin. These aren't just run-of-the-mill crooks or Z-list baddies. We're talking about people who are trained by the best of the best (or the worst of the worst depending on how you look at it). And with the world populated by thousands of supervillains, it's no surprise that contract killers aren't in short supply.

For some of these guys, they don't want revenge or take over the world. They just want a pay check. They may kill for a living but it's nothing personal (usually).

And this isn't just limited to supervillains. There are a few superheroes who have proven so efficient at killing, they've been hired by the government or SHIELD to take out a dangerous threat.

But the big question is who is the deadliest assassin of all?

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